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Edward Paoli (Ed)

Properties Manager

Ed has spent more than 40 years on the delta, fishing, hunting, wakeboarding, and even assisting in a few rescue operations. His superior knowledge of the area as well as deep background in construction makes him the best go to guy for all your questions. Say hello, and feel free to ask him where the best fishing spots are at!

Dave Staff Photo.jpeg

David Hall (Dave)


Dave has spent years perfecting his gardening techniques as well as bonding with the locals. He knows countless activities to pass the time, and dozens of delicious recipes to turn your hobby garden into a full blown buffet.


Michael Mangano (Mike)

Maintenance Staff

Mike is one of our fantastic problem solvers. He brings a large variety of skills to the table, and can always be counted to get you out of a jam. You'll likely find him tinkering with tools and leaving behind him trail of magnificent 'fixing glory'! 


Joshua Canales

Marina Operator

Joshua is an eccentric and personable new addition to our staff! He carries a deep knowledge and experience with administrative duties and is a huge help keeping us organized. Josh loves to try new things, and  might make you change your opinion on those "dad" jokes.

Katrina Staff Photo.jpeg

Katrina Paoli

Kayak Assosciate

Katrina is an intelligent student who spends her weekends supplying local families and friends with safe and fun adventures. She has grown up on the water and likes to spend her free time soaking in the sun and enjoying the good ole Delta breeze!

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